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Welcome to the World of Happy Education atChungcheongbuk-do Office of Education!

The Office will do its best to realize “ Happy Together Education” through participation, communication, and cooperation by all education family.

Classroom overflowing with enjoyable learning and hope,
Warming hearts sharing friends’ difficulties and thinking of each other,
Teachers who pat on kids’ back and teach with passion,
Campus where bright smile is contagious and playground where students sweat out.
It’s the school where students enjoy today’s learning and look forward to tomorrow.

The Office sets its sight on students’ happiness and hope, while its caring heart aims at
fathers and mothers’ temperature of happiness.

In the Wood of Happy Education, students bloom like petals and grow like sturdy trees.
Through our hearts beating toward students and with the passion of education family,
peace and beauty grow in the wood.

We hope you find the name of hope in the wood of happy education.

Thank you.

17th Chungcheongbuk-do Superintendent of Education Kim Byoung-woo